Testimonials for O’Shea Builders

See what a few of our wonderful customers have to say about us…

“Of all the variables involved in building a custom home, hiring the right contractor is at the top of the list. We hit a home run on that one.

We had done some research an ICF and checked the internet for ICF contractors. That’s where we found the O’Shea’s. Having had new homes built twice previousJy we had a wish list with some specific non-traditional items, including a 55′ by 20′ garage accessed by a 15′ overhead door. Believe it or not, this feature doesn’t dominate the house! Another non-traditional concern was that we lived nearly 2,500 miles away, making face to face meetings difficult.

After numerous phone and e-mail contacts to get the project started, we met with the O’Sheas and were quickly impressed with their professionalism and interest in what we wanted to build as opposed to what was widely accepted for the area. A number of plans followed, and after a few compromises dictated by codes and the nature of construction in the panhandle, the building began.

The result is nothing short of stunning. We are thrilled with the imaginative design and the obvious quality with which our house was built. Kelly and Philip were readily available during the construction and often had neat ideas that only come through experience. They say “we’ll figure out a way to do that” as opposed to “no we can’t’ which made the experience a good one.

We would certainly recommend O’Shea Builders to anyone else looking for quality construction. In addition to getting a fantastic house, we made some new friends!”

– Corinne, Tom & Mac Metz

“O’Shea Builders constructed our home on Choctawhatchee Bay, which we are thoroughly enjoying. During the process they were most helpful with suggestions and recommendations. Since this was our first new home their advice was invaluable in the designing and planning stages as well as throughout the construction. During construction we lived in Tallahassee, but communications was never a problem. The project was completed on time and within budget, and we have nothing but the greatest confidence in O’Shea Builders. Based on our experience we would highly recommend O’Shea Builders to anyone. “

– Bill & Sylvia Matthews

“Phillip & Kelly O’Shea of O’Shea Builders Inc. have brought reality to a home we had only envisioned and dreamed of for years. We are truly thrilled with the home they built. Our home is completely custom built with many complexities with very specific and unique details. Each of which O’Shea Builders addressed and executed beautifully.

Not only were we impressed with the overall workmanship, we were also impressed with how the O’Sheas handled any issues that arose. They acted at all times with the end goal to give us a quality home. We pride ourselves on having high standards so we are glad that we entrusted our family’s home to Phillip and Kelly O’Shea. I would not hesitate to recommend O’Shea Builders, Inc. to any endeavor they choose.”

– Mike Shoults

“O’Shea Builders Inc. was involved with two separate renovation projects of the kitchen and bathrooms in our home. We were so pleased at the conclusion of the kitchen renovation that we turned to O’Shea Builders for a second time. The bathroom project included the addition of a large master bathroom and the combining of two smaller bathrooms into a larger one.

We were extremely impressed with the innovation, knowledge, expertise, and dedication of all involved. It was evident that each took pride in their workmanship, resulting in the highest quality level. We found it quite easy to coordinate with all the individuals involved, resulting in a completion on schedule and within budget.

We highly recommend O’Shea Builders, not only because of their superior workmanship, but also finding them to be a firm with honesty and integrity. Our involvement with them in these projects exceeded our expectations.”

– Rick & Sharon Harris

“We have had three houses built over the years (plus numerous renovations), so we know how stressful it all can be. The relationship and communication between the contractor and client have all to do with whether it’s a good or bad experience for all. And that is why we would so highly recommend O’Shea Builders to anyone considering home construction or home improvement. Phillip & Kelly helped design and build our guest house in 2009. Communication of all issues and change orders was simple and direct. The worksite was kept clean and neat. The project was completed on budget. Not a bad day in the whole process. And, thanks to the O’Shea’s, the end result is a beautiful stucco guest house whose appearance appropriately mirrors that of our adjacent home.”

– Dick & Vicki Mallary

“We contracted with O’Shea Builders, Inc. to do a total remodel on our historical home last year. It was a difficult project made easy by their depth of professional construction experience. We cannot give enough praise with this recommendation. We now believe that O’Shea Builders is a company with the technical knowledge to tackle any project on a home. They came through when others would not have been able to conquer a very complex project. We were astonished with their relationships to the very best trades in the area who made our home look like a model.”

– Douglas P.

“O’Shea Builders built our custom home and it was a pleasure working with them. They were extremely knowledgeable about what could and could not be accomplished building wise and permit wise. They offered excellent solutions to any problem, answered all our questions and kept us up-to date with how things were progressing. Our home was built with superb craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our home turned out exactly as we had envisioned it — maybe even better!”

– James and Pamela Green

“It is with great pleasure and confidence that we recommend O’Shea Builders Inc. and its President Kelly O’Shea and Contractor Vice President Phillip O’Shea. Our experience started with O’Shea Builders in March, 2010 through an email after viewing their web page. After a few meetings to discuss ideas and getting to know each other, we knew we had found the perfect builders for our new home.

What you will find with O’Shea Builders Inc. are not just quality builders, but quality people. They have built their business around open and honest communication, with all of their business relationships and home owners. It was a pleasure to work with their teams and area contacts, as we were always greeted with positive feedback and kind words.

Phillip and Kelly guided us through every aspect of building our home. Kelly worked with our Home Owner’s Association to guide our application through the process easily. Phillip worked with all the sub-contractors so the building of our home was seamless. We had no surprises along the way and were kept informed of every new layer. If something did not translate well from our plans; Phillip always talked things through with us and it turned out better than expected. Kelly gave of her time freely when it came to looking and talking over ideas for our home. Kelly went scouting with us many times and her suggestions and thoughtfulness were invaluable. Phillip and Kelly were so instrumental in making sure our home came together and felt right. Their insight and knowledge made our building experience so positive, easy and enjoyable and we would not hesitate to use O’Shea Builders Inc. in the future.”

– Jorge and Pamela Gonzalez

“I am writing regarding our personal experience with O’Shea Builders Inc. Only two (2) years ago, my wife and I went through the painstaking process of interviewing various local residential builders. Our family had been working very hard for many years to obtain the means to build our first home. Thus, we were very particular about what company and, more importantly, what person was going to complete the project.

Prior to constructing our home, we spent many hours researching and learning about various building methods. In the end, it came down to traditional “stick framing” with spray foam insulation or Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), the preferred building methods of O’Shea Builders. We are very happy to say that we made the right choice and chose ICF construction with O’Shea Builders.

Although we spoke to several contractors who had utilized JCF methods in the past, it was apparent by the end of our initial meeting with Philip and Kelly O’Shea that they were most knowledgeable and experienced in ICF construction. With anyone, we all look back and wish we made different decisions. But, I can’t say that about our decision to utilize ICF and to build with O’Shea Builders. As advertised, we received a significant reduction in our insurance premium and consistently see reduced power bills as a result of the ICF construction.

We were blessed to have met and contracted with Kelly and Philip. There isn’t a day that goes by that we are not grateful for their continual support and excellent craftsmanship. If we were to provide any first time home builders or others with a short list of things I felt were most important, these are the ones:

1. Set a budget and make sure your builder sticks to it.
O’Shea Builders was provided with our budget in the very beginning. As with any first time home builder, there were times that we felt unsure if we were going to make our budget. I can confidently tell anyone now that our budget was under complete control because Kelly and Philip were sure to keep our feet grounded and explain how certain decisions could affect the budget before making purchases or orders. This saved us thousands of dollars and lots of stress. The knowledge that they provided was invaluable.

2. Maintain constant communication with your builder.

3. Ensure that all “issues”, whether+/-, are explained thoroughly by your builder.
There will be times with any builder that you lose contact. However, O’Shea Builders was sure to answer any questions we had and was sure to advise us when “issues” popped up. We were very active participants in the building process. We never got in the way (at least I hope not), but we always wanted to stay connected. Philip and Kelly accommodated our personal needs and provided the much wanted communication.

4. Foundation & Structure
A home is only as good as its foundation and structure. I can attest that Philip’s boots were on the ground every day during foundation preparations, pouring, and vertical construction. This is when you want your experienced builder present. We are grateful for his dedication and craftsmanship. Philip caught several things that were not covered or mis-drawn by the architect prior to our foundation and structure coming to fruition. This saved us valuable time and money in the end.

5. Don’t Give Up On The Dream!
I must mention Kelly O’Shea when speaking of this matter. Kelly provided us with the insight and determination to get the ‘big things’ that we really wanted in our new home and was able to stay within our allotted budget. This was not an easy task and we are grateful. We now live in a home that has all of the elements that we originally wanted for a price that fell UNDER budget. That’s right, Philip and Kelly gave us the home we wanted for less than the allotted budgeted. This is unheard of in this day and time.

In summary, I would recommend O’Shea Builders to anyone who was considering building their first or fifth home and I would not use any contractor other than O’Shea Builders if I intended to utilize ICF construction methods.”

– Paul B

“O’Shea Builders was called in over three years ago to add a set of steps to the rear deck of our newly purchased home. Since then, we have brought O’Shea Builders into our home to complete four other major renovations. We continue to use O’Shea Builders for our home improvement projects because the professionalism and quality of work has always been of the highest standard. In fact, upon inspection, Phillip O’Shea has required a subcontractor to perform corrective work that was slight and undetectable to the untrained eye. The onsite crew is courteous, prompt and exceedingly skilled. Phillip O’Shea and his staff have met each challenge with creative solutions and concrete options to complete the projects. O’Shea Builders aims to get the job done right, the first time. This attitude speaks louder than words. And, for those reasons, they will be our first call for any future home renovations.”

– Brad K. Cole

“O’Shea Builders Inc. constructed Destin Christian Academy building on the First Baptist Church property. We are very pleased with the quality of our building, and would highly recommend them to any organization looking for a builder. The Academy building was completed on time and within our established budget.”

– Albert Paris President Trustee, First Baptist Church of Destin, Inc.

“O’Shea Builders built two commercial office complexes for my development company on Geronimo Street, Miramar Beach. They completed on schedule and with great quality. I am a local Developer and plan to use O’Shea Builders services again in the future. “

– Rick Olson, Olson & Associates

“All Pro Auto Group LLC contracted with O’Shea Builders to build “Porsche of Destin”. Porsche North America’s standards are very strict and require top quality craftsmanship. O’Shea Builders not only performed the required task but rather exceeded it in expectations. The final result speaks for itself. You are more than welcome to come by and tour our facility.”

– Bryan Myers, President/Owner

“We were impressed with all the different work crews as the job progressed. Our project was completed on time and under budget. Later we returned to O’Shea Builders to add an outside covered patio. We are very pleased with their work and will certainly use them in the future.”

– Gary Chesebro, Owner, Callahan’s Restaurant

“What a wonderful experience it was to build with O’Shea Builders. From beginning to end, we could not have had a more positive outcome. Some of the highlights of our experience include superb communication skills, outstanding subcontractors that are very loyal to the O’Shea’s for a reason and great financial accountability. To top the experience off, they are just wonderful people.”

– Dr. & Mrs. Max McCord