O’Shea Builders Methods

Why choose an ICF home instead of wood?

A Healthier Home
Concrete is non-toxic and does not let off any ozone depleting substances. There is no nutrient source existing in the structure for mold growth. The fresh air inside will keep your family breathing easy. Conventional wood construction provides an ideal environment for mold and may contain adhesives and VOC’s that off gas.

Energy Efficiency
The concrete home can be up to twice as energy efficient as traditional homes – much less cost to heat and cool as well as more comfortable. Wood framed wall systems can have thermal bridging, gaps in insulation and erosion of R value. ICF construction has no thermal bridging, continuous insulation and constant R-Value of up to R27 for life.

Concrete walls are the most durable building materials available and are built to last for centuries – over 8 times stronger than conventional wood framed walls and won’t rot. Wind rated up to 200 mph to withstand the damaging effects of dangerous storms. Tremendously superior to conventional construction.

The concrete walls provide an extreme insulation from outside noise to make a serene and quiet place to live and sleep.

Finish Choices
Any type of exterior wall finishes that are used on traditional wood exterior framed walls can be used- stucco, brick, stone, wood, metal panel siding, vinyl etc. Attaching drywall is faster and easier than attaching to wood stud walls because furring strips are embedded in the walls at 8” centers – twice as close as wood studs.

Cost Savings
ICF Construction generally costs approximately 5% more than wood frame construction. But, lower energy bills and lower insurance premiums quickly absorb any additional costs.

For further details and information about ICF Concrete Construction please visit Logix ICF.